Last Contact

Last Contact is a multi-player game in which players compete to see who can destroy the other players' cities the quickest. You need to be fast and you need to watch your own planet as well as your enemies' planets.

Official Last Contact site

Download demo


Gridz , our first original title, is a fast-action strategy game. It's built on top of our 3D Sprite Engine (3DSE). Only 20% of the Gridz code base is specific to Gridz. This code controls the motion of the sprites and what happens when the sprites interact with each other. The remaining 80% is the engine which:

  • keeps track of the position, orientation, and motion of each sprite in 3D space;
  • scales and performs color transformations on each sprite as it is drawn;
  • networks multiple copies of the game together and keeps the game in sync on all of these machines; and
  • manages memory of object data, image data and audio data.
  • 3DSE is written in C, C++, 68K assembler, and PowerPC assembler.

Official Gridz site

Download demo

Download 1.4 updater, Gridz 1.4 updater ReadMe


GridLock began as an internal company project. Then, we found that it played well with the QuePad so, we struck a bundling deal with MicroQue. The program was written from the ground up in C. All artwork was created in-house. Its game play is different from most arcade/puzzle games of this type in that you move and shoot independently.

Magic Dragon for PalmPilot

Magic Dragon is an absorbing puzzle for the PalmPilot. It's just a sample of our work with this exciting new platform.

Developer's note for all you hand-held propellor-heads: Magic Dragon runs on the PalmOS 1.0, which is the version on my Pilot 5000. The application includes code that takes advantage of the enhancements in PalmOS 2.0 to save its state when you run another app so that you can leave the puzzle half-solved and come back to pick up where you left off. This feature works perfectly on the software simulator but is untested on an actual device.

If you have comments about Magic Dragon or are interested in hiring us to write a Pilot application, email me at

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