Green Dragon Creations, Inc.

Everything has an end. This is the Green Dragon's tail. I began Green Dragon Creations in the late 80s when I started writing contract software. A year after I moved to Mississippi I began a new venture: an internet service provider. That business was far more successful than we had expected or planned for. We had many great employees and we provided a work environment where they could help people and learn. Some of them have gone on to do great things.

As the ISP business grew it took more and more of my time to operate it. I learned a great deal about how to run a business and how to manage people. I also learned a lot about what works in business and what does not. After my ISP's success in the late 90s and very early 2000s the competition got pretty intense. It became very difficult to compete with the telephone company. In 2004 I chose to sell the ISP to a company with more assets and a cross section of business services that would enhance the ISP's ability to compete in the brutal  internet access marketplace.

Sadly, the financial interconnections between Green Dragon Creations and the ISP were too complicated to separate so I had no choice but to shut down Green Dragon Creations and start a new company to sell my games and to continue to do what I love: software development.

That new company is called Mutant Egg LLC.

Please come by and see our new home and our new store.

For those who have bought Green Dragon Creations in the past: THANK YOU!

I can still be reached by email and I also have a live journal.

Why Water Valley, Mississippi?
We originally moved to Water Valley in the summer of 1994. I woke up one morning the previous winter in the suburbs of Chicago, looked out at the snow drifts that used to be my driveway, and said "What am I doing here?".

We spent a few days watching the weather channel on our cable system and decided that the weather looked good in northern Mississippi. A little research revealed that there was a university in Oxford, so we took a trip down to check the area out.

A couple days of looking around found a 100 year old Victorian house in Water Valley, so we bought it and moved.